What does the term Cyclo-ssage mean?
Cyclo-ssage is short for Cycloidal Massage, a non-invasive and multidirectional massage action.


How does the Cyclo-ssage System work?
This full body, portable massage system uses a combination of 9 cycloidal massage units and 6 infrared heat lenses to alleviate the secondary symptoms of a variety of health conditions.


How will the Cycloidal Massage benefit me?
The non-percussive and controllable massage action will increase blood and lymphatic circulation by stimulating deep muscle activity.


How will the Far infrared heat benefit me?
The controllable and soothing infrared heat will penetrate deep into soft tissue, dilating blood vessels and relaxing tired and aching muscles.


What is the likely outcome of using the Cyclo-ssage System regularly?
Combining massage and heat treatments regularly is a very effective method of providing on going pain relief while also helping the body to generally work more efficiently.


Where can the Massage Therapy System be used?
It is fully portable and can be used on any flat firm surface such as a bed or even on the floor.


Is it simple to operate?
A simple hand held digital control will allow you to time and choose your own personal treatments.


Is it expensive to use?
No: It operates on a transformed 12v low amp power supply [Approximately – 80 watts].


Do you have any customer Testimonials?
You can view numerous testimonials on our website from medical professionals and customers who have found the system to be a viable alternative to prescribed medication including painkillers.


Is it medically approved?
It is an approved medical device manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, receiving the Berlin Certification for medical devices and the medical product conformity CE 0633. In New Zealand Cyclo-ssage is regarded as therapy equipment only.

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